Conway Church of Christ
Prayers: September 19, 2017 
Bullet 1 Pam Gillig's Mom: Chest pain 
Bullet 2 Jerry Pittman's coworker's wife: Becky Haupl - Pancreatic Cancer 
Bullet 3 Lloyd's friend: McKale Hasan prostate cancer 
Bullet 4 Connie Christy's sister-in-law Debbie O'Brien passed away unexpectedly. Also, her father has broken ribs and her mother injured her leg when the two of them fell as they were hugging. 
Bullet 5 Those affected by the recent hurricanes. 
Bullet 6 Buck Allen: Cancer is shrinking 
Bullet 7 Leann Duke: Bone marrow transplant. At home. 
Bullet 8 Jeff's co-worker: Mike Brazie: back at work 
Bullet 9 Kevin Miller: Cancer, doing better 
Bullet 10 Albert's cousins: Kevin and Gary Miller. Both have cancer 
Bullet 11 Shelly Miller: Lung problems 
Bullet 12 Josh Lightfoot (18 mos.) MRSA 
Bullet 13 The Odom family 
Bullet 14 Jo Ann Fulton chemo treatments 
Bullet 15 Darren's friend Kenny Murrell: Throat cancer. 
Bullet 16 Connie Christy's friend Gary Fonner: Cancer - looking at experimental treatments. Asking for prayers. 
Bullet 17 Emily Britt has been diagnosed with Benign Rolandic Epilepsy after having several seizures last week. She will eventually outgrow it and is being treated with medication for it now.