Conway Church of Christ
Prayers: Jan. 31, 2017 
Bullet 1 Amie Barr was involved in a car accident. Injured her foot which required surgery. 
Bullet 2 Amie's husband Clarence had infection in his bog toe again and the doctors amputated that toe. 
Bullet 3 Emily Britt has been diagnosed with Benign Rolandic Epilepsy after having several seizures last week. She will eventually outgrow it and is being treated with medication for it now. 
Bullet 4 Robert Cooper family. Stepfather in-law Fred Springer passed away Friday. 
Bullet 5 Sister Jo Ann is recovering from pneumonia on top of going through an awful tragedy with her family in WV. 
Bullet 6 Jason Davis (Erik's cousin) passed away. 
Bullet 7 Ella Hodge - At MUSC bone marrow transplant. 
Bullet 8 Mason Sellers: Undergoing an extreme form of chemo which has major side effects. 
Bullet 9 Charlie branton: Horse riding accident and suffered major head trauma. 
Bullet 10 Albert's brother Davis' mother-in-law has cancer and husband doing well. 
Bullet 11 Brother Tommy Gause is going to have outpatient surgery at VA Hospital in Charleston. 
Bullet 12 Robeert young is recovering from very extensive back surgery. 
Bullet 13 Pete Srnick is recovering from heart surgery and having a pacemaker put in. 
Bullet 14 Andrea Cooper (Gillig's sister-in-law) "Copper Deficiency". New meds and re-evaluate in 3 months. 
Bullet 15 Steve Baker, grandfather of a child of the daycare, diagnosed with Stage 4 prostate cancer. 
Bullet 16 Dalton's teachers, Mary Ashby's parents: cancer 
Bullet 17 Genie Bevins - Colon Cancer. 37 yoa